British Bulldog

How to play:

1. Find an open space such as a field or a big backyard.

2. Determine which child will be the “bulldog.”

3. The bulldog stands in the middle of the play area. The other children line up at one end of play area.

4. When the bulldog yells out, “British Bulldog,” the kids run to the opposite end of the play area, trying to avoid being caught by her.

5. To properly catch someone, the bulldog must hug or lift the player off the ground and yell, “1, 2, 3, British Bulldog!” At that time, the captured player becomes a bulldog too.

6. The children who didn’t get caught must try to cross back to the other side of the play area when they hear the words “British Bulldog” screamed out.

7. The last player caught is the bulldog for the next round.

Note: This game can get very physical. You may want to only let your older kids play or explain to be gentle with younger children.