Capture the Flag

How to play:

1. Choose a playing location such as a field, playground or yard.

2. Divide into two teams of three or more people. You can play with any amount of children, but 10 to 12 works best.

3. Decide which two items will be the “flags.” Something brightly coloured (like a T-shirt or bandana) is perfect.

4. Make a border between the teams. You can do this with a stick on the lawn.

5. Choose a “jail” location for each team such as behind a backyard shed.

6. Now each team must hide their flag on their side of the border.

7. Once the flags are hidden, players can attempt to sneak across the other team’s border, find and steal their flag, then race back to their own side without being caught.

8. To capture an enemy player, team one must tag someone from team two while they are on team one’s side of the border. They will then go to team one’s jail where they wait to be rescued.

9. To rescue a teammate, team two must sneak across the border, find the jail, tag their teammate and race back to their side of the boarder.

10. Players can be recaptured by tagging them again before they reach the border.

11. To win the game, one team must safely capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to their team’s border.