Freeze Tag

How to play:

1. Determine which child will be “it” (a.k.a. the kid who runs around tagging people)

2. Decide which areas are out-of-bounds. This will provide a contained space for the kids to play in.

3. The “it” child closes her eyes and counts to 10. During this time, the other children run and hide.

4. Once she’s finished counting, she opens her eyes and runs around trying to find and tag other kids.

5. To tag someone, the “it” child must touch a player’s arm, shoulder or back. Children can move around as they are being chased to avoid being tagged. Once the “it” child tags a player, that player must stand with their feet apart as if “frozen” in place.

6. To become unfrozen, another player must crawl under the frozen child’s legs without being tagged.

7. The game comes to an end when everyone is frozen. The last person to get tagged becomes the next “it” child.