What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?

How to play:

1. Determine which child will be Mr. Wolf.

2. Mr. Wolf stands at one end of the yard with his back turned to the kids. The other children stand in a line at the opposite end of the yard facing Mr. Wolf’s back.

3. Together, the kids loudly chant, “What time is it, Mr Wolf?”

4. Mr. Wolf answers with different times, for example, “It’s two o’clock!” The kids take a step for every hour that Mr. Wolf exclaims. For two o’clock, the kids take two steps toward Mr. Wolf’s back. For eight o’clock, the kids take eight steps. The kids can determine whether they take small or large steps.

5. As the kids take their steps, they repeat the chant asking again, “What time it is, Mr. Wolf?” He shouts out another time and the kids take the appropriate number of steps.

6. Eventually, Mr. Wolf yells out, “lunchtime!” When this happens, Mr. Wolf turns around and chases the children who have been approaching him. Any children who are tagged must continue the game as “wolves.” Any children who run back to the starting line (without being tagged) get to continue playing.

7. The new wolves join Mr. Wolf and also take part in the chase when “lunchtime” is called out.

8. The last player to be tagged is the new Mr. Wolf. The game begins again.